Join many others at VIVX to fully focus on your practice and spread the impact of all holistic health and wellness practitioners! We are here for all complementary and alternative health practitioners; Acupuncture, Breathwork, Energy Healing, Meditation, Reiki, KAP, MYO, Mindset, and many others.





"Working with VIVX agency has been a pleasure. Lynn is extremely passionate and knowledgable about the subject and has made me feel seen and important all through the process. She is a good listener and truly focuses on understanding the client’s needs in order to optimise the solutions for each business. If you’re looking to grow your business and delegate tasks connected to setting up booking solutions and automations so that you can focus on what you do best, VIVX agency is the perfect choice for you and a sure return of your investment!" - LimaRosi KAP Facilitation

Say goodbye to your Excel Sheet!

With the Customer Resource Management (CRM) system inside VIVX you have an easy to use system to organize and control all your client data from one central platform. All contact details, previous session details, future appointments, and any other information all within one system. No more unstructured work in an excel sheet, just one back office system to take back control over your business.

Enhance your impact with your practice

The reason why you started a firm is not to run a business. Instead, you want to impact the world around you and help your clients heal or improve themselves. You don't want to spend hours thinking about what the best strategies and structures are to run your business smoothly. That is why partnering with VIVX is a great opportunity. Let us help you take control over the business side of your practice, so you can have full focus on your practice!

Elevate your Client Relationships

Centralised data: With one central database, you can say goodbye to scattered data. In our CRM you wil have one central overview of each client from their contact information to their history of services.

Effortless Customer Communication: Manage interactions with your clients through multiple channels, ensuring you stay consistent and create personalised communication. You can streamline your appointment scheduling, automate reminders, and automatically follow up on your clients.

Efficient Follow-up: After providing your service, it is important to nurture your clients for building trusted relationships. Whether you want to schedule the next appointment, request feedback, or offer exclusive discounts for their next visit, with our CRM you can easily automate any follow-up!

Workflow Automation: A personal favourite of VIVX. With the workflow automations, we can use your CRM to effortlessly create personal, yet automated communication flows! You never have to worry about whether or not the confirmation of the appointment is sent, as this will all be automated by VIVX!

Supercharge your Marketing and Engagement

Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Segment your client base in order to target audience that is most interested in your service. You identify your ideal clients with their similar characteristics and we help you attract these customers.

Engagement and Loyalty: Engage with your customers through newsletters, blog posts or any other educational matters. Engaging with your existing clients and future customers will allow you to create a strong brand presence around your business which results in brand loyalty.

Feedback Management: An organised CRM allows you to automise your feedback requests. Understanding how people receive your service is crucial in identifying areas of improvement and satisfaction levels. In addition, positive reviews can help you attract new customers!

Ensure Scalability and Adaptability

Scalability: With a CRM, you prepare your business for growth. Even when your customer base expands, you will maintain the quality of your personal client interactions with atomisation.

Adaptability: When your business is growing, a CRM is easily adaptable to your evolving business requirements. Changes and adaptations are easily implemented and do not need complete restructuring!

About VIVX

Hi! I am Lynn and I am the face behind VIVX. I am a passionate woman who has always been interested in business and in healing our bodies in the most natural way possible. With VIVX I want to help Complementary and Alternative Health practitioners build up their business and create success together!

With my relevant certified studies in Business and Entrepreneurship I have the knowledge in how to build up a business from scratch and help businesses grow. I believe in focus. The power of focus where we dedicate ourselves to one area and one area only. With detailed knowledge of your specific practice, we can create incredible fitting, tailored structures and systems for you.

Working with VIVX will help you focus on your practice and not worry about any other additional client management, administration, and client attraction.


Why should I an agency for my Structures and Systems?

Choosing an agency makes you focus on things that are important to you. Outsourcing your backend will save you hassle and worrying about choosing the right and fitting CRM, structures or systems you need for your practice. When choosing VIVX, a specialist in the Niche of Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioners, means tapping into our niche expertise, tailored approaches and resonating with your specific needs. We understand the trends, behaviours, and needs in this specific market.

What is a CRM?

A CRM is a Customer Resource Management tool which open up tons of opportunities to create structures and systems for your practice. VIVX helps you make use of such a system in order for you to save time and fully focus on your own business.

How does your process look like?

We kick off with a welcome call, discussing your needs to see how VIVX can save you time. Next, we move to the onboarding process, where we discuss and lock in the best strategies for your needs. Then, it's action time, we put our discussed structures and systems in place and we optimise when and where needed!

Let's Meet!

Schedule a call with me and let's talk about how VIVX can help you grow and build your business!